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LTC Richard T. Simmons, JR Jag Corp, U.S. Army, Retired





U.S. Army Reserves(1974-98)


Trial Defense Services (Special Project Officer (1992-98)

2nd Military Law Center New Orleans, La (1981-91)

Operation Desert Shield (brief active duty at Fort Hood, Texas 1990)


U.S. Army (Active Duty 1970-74)


Defense Appellate Division - Branch Chief for world-wide appellate court for military convictions.  Post Judge Advocate (Army Security Agency) Arlington Hall, VA (Prosecutions at Fort Myer, VA;) Court Martial Defense Counsel, Fort Sheridan, IL.



U.S. vs Lt. William Calley appellate representation of Lt. Calley; graduate paper "Pretrial publicity in the military - the My Lai cases" (1973-74) In 1971, LT William Calley was convicted of the 1968 killing of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai village, South Vietnam. The case received international attention, conjuring up the Nuremberg trial defenses of "following orders". After military appeals were exhausted, a federal court reversed the case based upon pretrial publicity and other error. The Fifth Circuit reinstated the conviction. Finally, President Nixon granted clemency in the face of a nation divided over the case.

U.S. vs Tom Catlow - Reversal of Catlow's conviction led to military-wide regulation changes, terminating the "Army or the Jail" recruiting. (1974)


U.S. vs Captain Derrick Robertson - represented the highest ranking officer accused in Aberdeen Proving Ground"Sex Scandals," involving sexual harassment of female recruits. (1996-97)

"Captain Derrick Robertson last week admitted violating the Army's rules against sex with direct subordinates, but he was cleared of rape and other serious charges" - U.S. News and World Report (March 31, 1997)


Captain Robertson and defense counsel LTC Simmons (March 20, 2007) Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. Simmons Jr. has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in the United Stated Army from 19 September 1970 to 28 June 1998. In 1973-74 LTC Simmons distinguished himself through his appellate representation of Lt. William Calley, an officer convicted of war crimes at My Lai, South Vietnam and his representation of Private Thomas Catlow, a significant Court of Military Appeals case which held that enlistments in lieu of civilian jail are involuntary and void. In 1996-97 LTC Simmons most notably served served as a defense counsel for Cpt. Derrick Robertson, an officer accused of sexual misconduct as part of the highly publicized sexual harassment cases at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Throughout his exceptional career, LTC Simmons served with great dedication and distinction


17 June 1998

Walter B Huffman

Mayor General, USA

The Judge Advocate General


"I extended to you my personal thanks and the sincere appreciation of our nation for your honorable service. I honor your service and respect the commitment and loyalty you displayed over the years."


Bill Clinton

Commander in Chief

President Bill Clinton's presentation to LTC Simmons, with mother Mary Simmons

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