(U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti appointed under President Carter (1978)

Served as Assistant U.S. Attorney (1978-1982) in the Eastern District of Louisiana under U.S. Attorney John Volz.


Chief of Trials (1982) - Supervisor of all civil and criminal trial litigation.


Chief of Criminal Division (1979-81). Supervisor of 18 criminal attorneys in such areas as "white collar" crime, federal program fraud political corruption, bank fraud, enviromental, and IRS violation.


Chief of Civil Division (1978-79) Supervisor over 8 civil attorneys.


Duties: Coordinate grand jury investigations and indictments; approve all plea bargains and personally try major cases.

Areas of enforcement include economic white collar crime; federal program fraud; political corruption; narcotic violations; environmental violations.

BRILAB Prosecution

Served as a prosecutor in the 19 week trial resulting from the FBI's nationwide undercover operation


BRILAB - (Bribery in Labor). The case involved a six month wiretap and required one year of pretrial preparation and motion practice. The five month jury trial was the longest in Louisiana Judicial history.

FBI director Willian Webster and BRILAB prosecutors (John Volz U.S. Attorney; Eades Hogue, Strike Force Chief; Rick Simmons. Chief, Criminal Division; Al Winters, first Assistant(Sept 1981)



Director's Award

Award presented in ceremonies in the Great Hall, Dept of Justice 1982


Associate Attorney General Rudolph Giuliani's presentation of the Director's Award for prosecution of racketeering and political corruption cases in the Eastern District of Louisiana. (1979-1982)

Racketeering and Political Corruption Prosecutions

Served as prosecutor in the first four racketeering cases ever tried in the Eastern District and in numerous political corruption cases resulting in jury convictions of the Gulf Coast Mafia leader, La Commissioner of Administration; a Parish School Board president; a City Alderman; a Parish Police Juror; and several French Quarter nightclub owners. Also handled post-guilty plea matters involving a former Congressman and the Director of Jefferson Parish Sewage Department. (1978-82)


Special Commendation From U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell for the RICO prosecution of a Jefferson Parish "political scandal" case resulting in the first RICO forfertime of a corporation

(Award presented by Deputy Attorney General Philip Heymean, in the Great Hall, Deputy of Justice Wash D.C. 1979)<<<

( U.S. Attorney John Volz, 1979 (after award ceremony in Wash D.C. 1979) >>>

Internal Revenue Service Cases - Prosecuted the IRS docker of the U.S. Attorney's office (1979-82)



Chief, Civil Division - Supervisor of 8 Civil attorneys.(1978-79)


Duties: Supervised and practiced full gamut of federal civil litigation. Litigation areas include: tort (e.g. Federal Tort Claims Act, malpractice defense of VA hospital); agency representation (e.g. Department of Energy/Corp. of Engineers condemnations, IRS summons, SBA foreclosures); environmental law (EPA); civil rights cases, bankruptcy and judgment collections.


Federal Public Defender - Eastern District of Louisiana(1974-1978)


Duties: Provide legal counsel to indigent persons charged with various federal offenses; file pre-trial and post-trial pleadings; oral advocacy before federal juries and appellate representation before the U.S. Fifth Circuit.

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